Best 6 tips for Night skincare routine for Summer

Did you know that, particularly in the summer, regeneration is essential for your skin’s recovery from daytime damage? Continuous contact with damaging environmental factors like UV rays, pollution, grime, and free radicals eventually damages skin and hastens the ageing process.

To help your skin renew and regain its natural shine, you need a consistent night skincare routine.

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Is Night skincare routine important?

Simply said, absolutely. It is beneficial to utilise formulations that support and boost this process and aid skin cells on their journey because the skin enters healing mode at night. According to Hind Sebti, the creator of the skincare line Whind, “it’s also the ideal time to undo the damage done by free radicals throughout the day.” Exposure to anything from pollutants to sunshine can cause such damage. Additionally, it’s crucial to remove the day’s makeup and grime in order to avoid blocked pores, congestion, and irritation.


Always start by using a cleaning lotion or coconut oil to remove all signs of grime and makeup off your face. This unclogs facial pores that would otherwise cause breakouts and helps your skin to breathe. Even so, it’s crucial to begin your regimen properly by taking off all of the makeup you have already worn. However, it will be even more important to remove your makeup if one of the few things you applied was waterproof mascara (a summertime favorite), as waterproof makeup won’t come off until you use a potent makeup remover. Search for a cleanser that contains calming components like Aloe Vera, Rose Water, Green Tea, Nutgrass, etc.

Use a Gentle Face Wash

After cleansing, be careful with your skin by washing it with a mild face wash to get a deep clean without stripping it of its natural oils.

Apply a Toner

After cleansing your face, don’t forget to spray a toning mist all over it. This will lessen the appearance of open pores and help your skin regain its natural PH Balance.

TIP: Remember to exfoliate your lips as well! Taking care of your pout should be simple because our face scrubs also work as lip scrubs. Make sure to apply an ultra-hydrating lip balm after exfoliating.

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Watch out for your under-eyes

The skin surrounding our eyes is more sensitive than the skin on the other regions of our face, and it exhibits the earliest indications of deterioration and early ageing. Reduce dark circles, puffiness, wrinkles, and other signs of ageing by applying an under-eye gel containing rejuvenating components like pomegranate, almond oil, green tea, etc.

Everybody requires a consistent nighttime routine because pressures from the environment do not affect us when we are asleep. Because our skin absorbs nutrients more effectively at night than during the day, it is worthwhile to make the effort.

Use a Moisturizer

Moisturizer is still necessary even if you sweat a lot in the summer. Even if we’re used to appearing like an oil slick throughout the summer, the scorching heat may nonetheless dry up your skin. The best of both worlds can be found by looking for a water-based moisturizer that hydrates and mattifies skin. The solution is the L’Oreal Paris Hydra Genius Daily Liquid Care – Normal/Oily Skin. The Aloe Vera water and hyaluronic acid in the mattifying moisturizer’s recipe hydrate skin while drawing out extra sebum for a clean, fresh feel and appearance. Go on to your following step after gently patting the moisturizer on your face.

night skincare routine

Improve your Tan

You want to seem bronzed, right? As always, we advise getting your sun-kissed skin without exposure to the sun. We’re discussing applying self-tanner. It turns out that the optimum time to use self-tanner is at night. In this manner, your tan might develop overnight while you sleep. Take a shower at night and exfoliate your body. Use the self-tanner sparingly near your knees, elbows, and ankles because these areas are prone to absorbing too much of the substance. After using, thoroughly wash your hands. After your skin is dry, wait to put on your pajamas. A bronzed glow will start to develop in a few hours, so you can admire it when you wake up.

FAQS for night skincare routine:

Q. What should I include in my nighttime skincare routine?

Use serums, eye creams, and makeup cleanser with your routine washing, toning, and moisturizing.

Do you look younger if you get more sleep?

Your body relaxes during sleep, and when your body is at rest, the mechanism of rebuilding tissues and cells is initiated. As collagen is also formed while you sleep, getting adequate sleep may be the secret to having skin that looks younger.

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