Best Ideas For Mirrored Nails Which Are The Metallic Summer Manicure 2023

Mirrored nails are a trend you should be focusing on 2023 summer manicure with a glitzy gloss. These nails are so dazzling they are nearly (and occasionally actually) reflecting, which is why they have a mirrored appearance, as opposed to the iridescent sheen of vanilla chrome nails or other, comparable fads.

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Start by applying a base coat, which should be black or white if you want to replicate this look at home. After that, you’ll dust your nails with chrome powder to give them a metallic appearance. Just keep sprinkling on the chrome powder until the nails are exactly the right amount reflective and shiny.

This trend is ideally suited for fresh versions and fashions. If you wish to stray from the usual silver, for instance, you can pick a colored chrome powder. As an alternative, you might choose a distinctive pattern or even add complementary accessories. The examples below demonstrate how a mirrored summer manicure may be altered in a wide variety of ways.

Coffin-shaped mirrored nails

Ballerina or coffin-shaped nails are those that are longer and squared off at the ends. The hand model’s long coffins in the TikTok above, from user @nail.jiang, have been painted in a mirrored style, giving them an extremely remarkable appearance because of their dynamic form and reflected quality. Similar to the nails, a group of plain silver rings works nicely. Don’t worry if you don’t want to keep your nails that long; you can still get the reflected appearance on any shape of nail.

Mirrored French manicure

The nail polish brand’s TikTok account The GelBottle published a video of a French summer manicure with a difference: the usual white tips were replaced with dazzling, reflected silver ones. The video clip also demonstrates another approach to getting the mirrored effect for summer manicure. Instead of using a black foundation and chrome powder, the manicurist applies the brand’s Mirror Chrome Studio Gel. Even while the gel polish’s version of silver is less reflecting than certain instances that employ powder, it nevertheless produces a comparable dazzling, opulent impression.

Pearly French manicure

Mirrored Nails Summer Manicure 2023
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If you want to give your mirrored French manicure a little something extra, think about adding some 3D nail decorations. In this instance, the manicurist painted the nail tips silver and then decorated them with tiny pearls. A charming, feminine summer manicure is the end product. If pearls are not your style, you might switch them out for small rhinestones. You might even paint little flowers on top of the French manicure to truly challenge your artistic abilities.

Metallic swirls

Additionally, you may give your mirrored summer manicure some depth. Add your base coat first. Born Pretty utilized a light pink foundation instead of black in this TikTok. Add your chrome powder next. Shapes or swirls may be painted on your nails using gel polish and rhinestone adhesive. The chrome powder should now be removed, albeit the powder you put will still be visible beneath the gel polish. Apply a top coat last to complete. The end product is an original design with a colourful, 3D pop.

Pink mirrored nails

The mirrored nail trend is similar to the chrome manicure trend in that both may be worn with a variety of nail polish hues, including bright lemonade yellow. By using various coloured materials, you may alter the colour of your mirrored summer manicure. Using a hot pink foundation and pink chrome powder on top, TikToker @cocojas_ produced pink mirrored nails. If you want to duplicate the look for more vibrant pink nails, they utilised the Beetles Magical Chrome Powder Kit. Keep a black base for a pink that is more subdued, as shown in this video from the same user.

Multi-colored liquid chrome powder

Liquid chrome powder is another tool you may use to make mirrored nails. You will paint a base layer on your nails similar to how you would with ordinary chrome powder before adding the liquid chrome powder on top. Make careful to massage it in well so the nails take on the reflected appearance rather than the more typical chrome or glossed appearance. A lesson utilising the HNDO Liquid Chrome Powder, which comes in a variety of colours and colour combinations, was shared on TikToker by @levana586. Liquid Chrome Powder from Varnail is a product that is comparable.

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